84 Minerals

It contains the minerals that the body needs naturally.

%100 Natural

It comes to your table in its natural form without going through any process without being refined.

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Natural Srping salt

Liquid spring salts are tastier and more effective thanks to minerals they contain. The Spray bottle Dr. Salt developed is more economical and hygienic compared to regular salt. Without going through any transformation, it is unrefined and bottled at the source.

- 20%%100 Doğal
 49,90  39,90
- 16%%100 Doğal
 149,00  125,00
- 9%%100 Doğal
 76,90  69,90
Each drop ha 84 MINERALS Liquid Salt contains minerals that the body needs

Liquid Salt, which comes to the earth with the skill of spring waters from 3,000 to 5,000 gold of the ground, comes to your table as it comes out of nature without any treatment.
Liquid Salt , which does not contain any heavy metals, is not refined, processed, and does not add additives.